Exporting IQCS Record for IQS Import

A responder's IQCS record can be exported and provided to an Incident Qualification System (IQS) manager for upload to the IQS application when the individual transfer to an organization utilizing IQS for qualification management. Only IQCS responder records in the INAC (inactive) organization code can be exported to a XML document.

If the responder's record has been imported in to IQCS from an IQS XML document, any data fields that were not available for display in the IQCS application will be included in the export XML document. After the export file is created, it will be emailed to the IQCS user who is executing the export function and the archived IQS data will be deleted.

To export an IQCS record form an INAC responder, follow the process below.

  1. Before beginning the export process, confirm that the responder record has been transferred to the INAC organizational cade. Only responder records in INAC can be exported.
  2. Navigate to Responder Administration > IQI Import/Export >IQI Export
  3. Search and select the responder whose data you are exporting.
    • Only those in INAC will display.
    • If you cannot find the responder for export, use the Search for Responder page to confirm that their IQCS record is in INAC.
  4. Iqi Export. The responder data is displayed.
  5. Select the Export to XML File button.
    • The encrypted XML file is created and emailed to the IQCS user. The export status shows the file name and email address.
    • The email will be from nifchelp@blm.gov with the subject File Export.
  6. The XML file can be provided to the requesting IQS manager via email, USB flash drive or other electronic media.
  7. Select Return to Search button.


For detailed information refer to the User Guide Module 3: Managing Responder Data


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