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CMB Agency Representatives

Agency respresenatives to the IQCS Change Management Board (CMB).
Agency Name Email Phone
BIA Garth Fisher garth.fisher@bia.gov (208) 387-5315
BLM Michael Ellsworth mellsworth@blm.gov (208) 387-5985
DOI Office of Emergency Management Jason Steinmetz jason_steinmetz@ios.doi.gov (202) 208-5747
FWS Russ Babiak Russ_Babiak@fws.gov (208) 387-5986
NPS Jim Shultz Jim_Shultz@nps.gov (208) 387-5215
USAF Roger Kennedy roger.kennedy.1@us.af.mil (850) 978-3262
USFS Michael Mattfeldt michaelmattfeldt@fs.fed.us (208) 387-5974