Incident Qualifications and Certification System (IQCS)

Incident Qualifications and Certification System (IQCS) is a management tool to record, track and report on responder PMS 310-1 and agency specific qualifications for the federal agencies that form the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG), the Department of Interior (DOI) bureaus and the United States Air Force.

IQCS has been customized to reflect incident position requirements maintained in the NWCG Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide (PMS 310-1), Forest Service Fire and Aviation Qualification Guide (FSFAQG), Department of the Interior's Incident Position Qualification Guide (IPQG) and the Federal Wildland Fire Qualifications Supplement. 

To determine qualifications, IQCS compares the responder’s training, experience, and other accomplishments (referred to in IQCS as competencies) to the position qualification criteria.


In the early 2000s the original wildfire federal agencies collaborated to develop a single application to support their qualification standards.  Responder data was migrated from legacy systems to IQCS during the early months of 2004.

The Department of Interior joined IQCS with all-hazard positions in 2011.

In November 2016 the United States Air Force signed an agreement to use IQCS and in January 2017 began to import responder data into the application.  

Management of IQCS

The IQCS system is managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) with active business oversight from representatives from each of the federal NWCG wildfire agencies and the Department of Interior. These 6 agency representatives compose the Change Management Board (CMB) that directs the business scope of IQCS.

IQCS Major Functions

  • Certification Standards Management: IQCS contains the incident response position performance standards and their respective qualification and certification requirements for all hazard and wildland fire positions.
  • Incident Responder Management: IQCS tracks responder information related to qualifications and work history that includes information such as: positions, experience, training, fitness, and licenses and certifications.
  • Import and Export of emergency responder qualification data:  IQCS can import and export qualification data for individuals and groups in several different formats to assist account managers as employees transfer between qualification systems.  
  • Training Management: IQCS provides the ability to coordinate training by tracking course/offering descriptions, learning objectives, pre-course requirements, class schedules, student registration and class participation information.

For detailed information refer to: Module 1 Introduction

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