IQCS is an interagency information system that tracks responder incident qualifications for the federal partners of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG), the Department of Interior (DOI) bureaus and the United States Air Force.

News Updates:

New 02/07/2018 - Changes in IQCS

   Reports - Responder List C003 and Qualified Master List C050:

  • The reports are now generated as a .csv file, giving you a more options for sorting and filtering.
  • New information has been added to the reports while other information has been removed.

   For detailed information, please refer to the article: Updated Reports C003 - Responder List and C050 - Qualified Master List

   Responder Administration Page Changes:

  • Address, phone, and email address are now limited to two options: Business and Other.
  • Birth Month and day have been brought back. Birth year has been omitted due to PII concerns.
  • Action/Reason Codes have been removed from the Job Data page and are being set in the background.
  • SETID ST000 will be the only choice when adding non-employees.

   Training Administration - Student Enrollment:

  • The Rescheduled between sessions and the Create/Update Course Wait List have been removed.

   For detailed information regarding the Responder Administration and Student Enrollment changes, please refer to the article: Change Management Board (CMB) approved changes in IQCS 

Updated 02/01/18IQCS Monthly Stats.  In 2017, there were 1,359,420 total ROSS messages generated. 96.2% processed successfully.