IQCS is an interagency information system that tracks responder incident qualifications for the federal partners of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG), the Department of Interior (DOI) bureaus and the United States Air Force.

News Updates:

Updated 03/13/2018 - We are redesigning any IQCS report using Crystal functionality to SQR functionality. The first report addressed has been the Incident Qualification Card (C15) report and the changes have been migrated to production late night on Monday, March 12th. The changes to the actual card produced are minimal but the report will now process faster, produce a single line/report in the Report Manager and print in alphabetical order. A mass email was sent out on Monday, March 12th to users. For more information, please see the Incident Qualification Card (C15) Report to SQR Functionality article. 

03/05/2018 - In the next month or so we will be conducting CMB approved programming to sync up data between a responder's Licenses/Certificates and Responder Training pages and their Competencies page. Per user notification via help tickets and the 2017 User Survey we discovered a number of responder records are out of sync and need cleaned up. We want to ensure that records entered, updated and removed on Licenses/Certificates and Responder Training pages by users are correctly reflected on the responder's Competencies page.  After the clean up we will be implementing new programming that will prevent this in the future. Questions on this project can be directed to your IQCS Agency Representative. More information to come..... 

02/28/2018 - Per agency direction, effective 03/01/2018 the Driver Class A (DRVA) and Driver Class B (DRVB) positions will require a valid State CDL license to be entered in the application for qualification. The licensing requirement will be applied to all current and future DRVA and DRVB qualifications. For more information on entering a license, please refer to the Responder Licenses and Certificates article. In addition, the Driver CDL (DRCL) position will be inactivated on 03/01/2018. Questions on these change can be directed to your IQCS Agency Representative.  

Updated 03/05/18IQCS Monthly Stats.  In 2017, there were 1,359,420 total ROSS messages generated. 96.2% processed successfully.

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Incident Qualification Card (C15) Report to SQR Functionality
As result of the IQCS upgrade any report using Crystal functionality must be redesigned using SQR functionality.
Updated Reports: Responder List (C003) and Qualified Master List (C050)
Updated Reports: Responder List (C003) and Qualified Master List (C050)
Change Management Board (CMB) Approved Changes in IQCS
There are new CMB approved changes in IQCS. Address, Phones, and Email address, Birth month and day, Action Reason Codes etc.