IQCS is an interagency information system that tracks responder incident qualifications for the federal partners of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG), the Department of Interior (DOI) bureaus and the United States Air Force.

News Updates:

Updated 5/22/2018 - NFA On-Line Training (IQCS Training Modules)

From the NFA On-line team - The NFA Online Self Study site will be unavailable from June 1 to 8 due to system upgrade.  If you have NFA or NWCG courses due, make sure you log in and complete those courses by close of business May 31.  We expect the system to be back online by June 9.

Log in at:

Updated 05/22/2018 - Known upgrade issues

    • User favorites not displaying or only partially displaying.
    • Inability to access application from mobile devices. 

    If you are running into one of the above problems, please refrain from submitting a help ticket as this are known issues and we are working to resolve them. 

    • Application user home page text being scrambled/character text when using Edge or Internet Explorer browsers. Not seeing the issue when using the Chrome browser.  
      • Note: We have not been able to duplicate this and where reported as an issue, can't be duplicated on identical systems in the same office. Please check with your local IT
    • Logged (kicked) out for unknown reason and unable to log back in due to 'Your User ID and/or Password are invalid'. Try closing that browser (window) and open a new one. 
      • Note: If this still continues, please submit a help ticket. We believe the system is stable and not kicking us out of the application.

    Refer to the IQCS Upgrade Changes article for more information on what changed in the application. 


    Updated 05/07/2018IQCS Monthly Stats.  

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    IQCS Upgrade Changes
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    ROSS and IQCS Transfer
    The ROSS Clearinghouse staff and the IQCS staff have agreed that it is most trouble-free to transfer the responder in IQCS and only IQCS.