IQCS On-Line User Training

IQCS online training has five different modules. Each module covers the topics as shown with a X in the grid.

IQCS Training Modules
  *Core Account Manger FMO/Cerifying Officer Group Leader/Supervisor Training Office/Training Coordinator/Nomination Coordinator
Introduction X        
Navigating the IQCS X        
Reports X        
Managing Responder Data   X     X
Managing Competencies   X      
Qualification Evaluations & Certification   X X    
Position Taskbooks   X X    
Emergency Responder Experience   X X X  
Training Administration   X     X
Nomination Process         X
Control Tables   X      

*Core course must be completed once for new users or for user accounts being reactivated that have been closed for more than 2 years.

New Accounts: Online training is required for all new account holders.

Existing Accounts: If you are requesting a role you have not had in the past two years, or you have not completed training in the past two years, you must complete the online training for the requested role(s).

Reactivating Accounts: If your account was deactivated more than two years ago and you have not completed an IQCS course within the last two years, you must complete the IQCS online training for the requested role(s).

Classroom certificates: As of 10/5/2017 class room certificates will no longer be  accepted.

To find the roles and org codes assigned to your profile, in IQCS select Main Menu - My Roles and Access link. This page will display the user role(s) and organizational code(s) currently authorized.

IQCS Training is hosted on the NWCG site A NFA Online account is needed to access the training modules.

If a user has completed any other NWCG online training (L-180, S-110, S-190, etcetera) then they likely already have an account. If an account needs to be created, simply navigate to NFA Online via the NWCG link and select the Need to Register? link under the login section.

The modules consist of instructional slides, Show Me, Try Me and Knowledge Checks. Clicking on the “Show Me” guides you the material just presented in the instructional slide. The “Try Me” will give you an opportunity interact with the demo application. Finally, the “Knowledge Checks” are mini quizzes throughout the module. While the Show Me, Try Me, and Knowledge checks are not required, you are strongly encouraged to go through each component. Doing so will strengthen your knowledge of the application.

On the home screen, a Completed Work section shows all your completed work. Choose View All and click the printer icon to view your certificate. If this feature is not working, an alternative way to provide proof of completion is provide a screen shot of the completed work details.

There are options for accessing reference material after a course is complete. Within each course are job aids. Select “Reference” at the bottom of the module screen. A browser window will open; clicking on any of the links will open a PDF file of that topic. You can save or print the reference topic. The IQCS web page has FAQ, Articles, and User Guides that cover each of the topics presented in the on-line modules.

At any time, you log back into NFA Online and redo an entire module or just sections you feel you may need a refresher.

The NFA Online home page has a link to a help page that will assist with trouble shooting or give instruction on how to contact the NFA Help Desk.


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