Resetting IQCS Password

Resetting your IQCS password if you have forgotten your password or are locked out is easy if you have set up the Forgotten Password Help. If you have not setup Forgotten Password Help, you will have to submit a ticket for a password reset.

Resetting Your IQCS Password

  1. Click here for the the IQCS Login page
  2. Select I Agree on the warning banner
  3. Select the Reset your password? link located under the Password field.
  4. Enter your IQCS User ID.
  5. Select the Continue button.
  6. Your User ID and Email ID will be displayed
    • If the email is missing or incorrect, you will have to submit a help ticket for password reset. Once back in the application, correct/enter your email address.
  7. Enter the Response to your security question.
  8. Select the Email New Password button
  9. A notice that an email has been sent will be displayed.
  10. Close the page and check your email.
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