Change Management Board (CMB) Approved Changes in IQCS

Address, Phones, and Email address

  • There are only two options, Business and Other for all newly created responder records

  • If there are more than two rows in phone and email, you will now see “Invalid Value” in the the Type column. Please take some time to clean-up the phone numbers to the allowed two

  • Only Business email and phone is sent to ROSS

Birth month and day

The 2017 survey had many of comments on the removal of birthday information. The IQCS team worked with the CMB and have brought back month and day fields.

  • Birth month and day will be available to populate

  • Birth year has been excluded due to PII concerns

  • If we had the old data, birth day and month was imported into the appropriate fields

  • We strongly encourage you to get this information from the responder when you create or update the record. The CMB decision is to make this a required field by the end of 2019

Action Reason Codes

  • Action Reason Codes have been removed from the Job Data Page

  • All newly created records will be Hire or Add for non-employee

  • All added rows after the Hire or Add will be a data change

Student Enrollment Menu

Based on a survey sent to all training officers and a review by the CMB the following pages will be removed from the Training Administration>Student Enrollment Menu.

  • Reschedule Between Sessions

  • Create/Update Course Wait List


The corresponding IQCS User Guides will be updated on the next scheduled updates of the user guides, June 2018.

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