• NWCG Curriculum Management Issue Paper #126 will be implemented in IQCS April 1st.

  • The Unit ID search field on the Unit Summary page has been temporarily hidden to fix a security hole. 


  • Trivia - Qualification
    Trivia - Qualification

    Of the 25,676 qualified FFT2 responders in IQCS, how many would you guess have the qualification printed on their most recent qualification card?

     Answer: 17,330


  • Factoid - IQCS Training
    Factoid - IQCS Training

    Twenty-fire individuals have completed the new IQCS online training and have received an IQCS user account.



  • Trivia - Responders
    Trivia - Responders

    There are over 183,000 responder records (active, inactive and archived) in IQCS.  How many would you guess are active records?

    Answer: 58,782